Math Academy provides tutoring to students taking Real Estate courses for certification or accreditation.

Why Choose Us for Real Estate Exam Prep:

• Provide unique techniques which help in solving the problems quickly and correctly
• One-on-One sessions providing dedicated, focused and individual attention
• Thousands of practice questions with detailed answer explanations
• Provide dozens of diagnostic and full-length practice tests

Special focus on Quantitative(Math) Sections of Real Estate Exam:

• Basic concepts of Interest - Simple, Compound interests & Frequency of compounding
• Compounding of Single Amount & Annuities
• Discounting of Single Amount & Annuities
• Simple and General Annuities, Sinking Fund Annuity
• Learn using complex calculator functions since certain courses require intensive calculator usage
• Amortization Factor, Mortgage amortization
• Amortization of Mortgage loan: monthly payments, periodic split between interest and principle
• Time Line/Diagram
• Cost of Sale, Outstanding Balances, Net Present Value (NPV); Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
• Interest Rate Conversions, Bonuses and Discounting

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