Our academy is one of the few institutes in Toronto that guides students in preparing for the Toronto Police Certificate & Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Exams. Math Academy has helped many students pass the Police Certificate exams and receive Ontario Chiefs of Police Certificate (OACP). These students have gone on to become constables as employees of the Police Service. We believe that (in a small way) we have contributed to the growth of our police services and are proud of our accomplishments.

Why Choose Us for Police Certificate Exam Prep:

• Provide unique techniques which help in solving the problems quickly and correctly
• One-on-One sessions providing dedicated, focused and individual attention
• Thousands of practice questions with detailed answer explanations
• Provide dozens of diagnostic and full-length practice tests
• Guiding through each and every step of the 10 stage Police Selection process

Special focus on Math Sections of Police Certificate Exam:

Having worked with many students, our analysis shows that students tend to struggle the most in this area. Students need greater attention in preparing for this section. We pay special focus on Math sections of the Exam. The exam tests concepts of Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, Geometry topics, Word Problems & Graphs. The key to success in exam is in having solid Math fundamentals. We focus on providing the right tricks, correct techniques and Math formulas.

Police Analytical Thinking Inventory (PATI) Exam Format:

The PATI Exam tests three key areas required of police constables. This is a 90 minute test focusing on an applicant's reasoning abilities. The test is divided into three sub-areas:

Deductive Reasoning: The ability to draw appropriate conclusions from information provided. Police are often required to make sense of evidence by drawing conclusions about its relevance and meaning. This is tested through the Syllogism and Travel Time tasks.
Inductive Reasoning: The ability to identify trends or common characteristics in a series of objects or information presented. Police officers often need to sift through seemingly disconnected facts and make judgments about how they fit together. This is tested through the Classification and Series Completion tasks.
Quantitative Reasoning: The ability to apply basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions to solve problems. Police are required to apply arithmetic processes to determine rates of speed, stopping distance, etc. and this ability is tested on the Word Problems and Arithmetic tasks.

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