At Math Academy, we realise the special challenges and problems that students face during these formative years. Our tutors have many years of experience helping students from Grades 1 to 8. We teach students innovative approaches to learning, remembering and help them improve their concentration. Our extensive experience with the curriculum and unique teaching methods help students improve their scores, develop higher self-esteem, remove academic frustrations and achieve better grades.

Unlike other learning centres, we don't teach in groups and believe in providing individual attention to each and every student. Because of individual tutoring, our tutors are 100% dedicated to your child. We are able to focus on your child's specific needs, learning style and excel accordingly

Why Choose Us:

• One-on-One Customized Tutoring Sessions
• School HomeWork Support
• Developing Self-Confidence in Student
• Qualified, Motivated and Dedicated Tutors
• Help in Building Strong Everlasting Fundamentals

Math Academy provides an environment where students enjoy learning. The teachers are involved and caring. They provide feedback to the parents on a regular basis. By effectively streamlining the learning process, the emphasis is on providing solid and sound techniques which will help the students in higher grades and last a lifetime.

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